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LS100 identifying strips wrongly

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Just installed a new LS100 and, for convenience I connected the bottom 450mm stripe first, then the left 250 and so on. 

The thing is that when I select "250mm 1" on iCUE it lights up just a piece of the bottom 450mm, the same way, when I select the 450mm 2 it lights up the last leds of the current "450mm 2" but the entire "250mm 2" in real life, so all stripes are wrong, like if you simply can't plug in a 450mm first, which is weird because if that's the reason I'll need either to buy an extension cord just for that reason or a male to male rgb cable.

I was seeking for some time inside iCUE but can't find a place to specify the stripe order, can we currently edit this?



Additional info:

I'm using the latest version of iCUE, which at the time of writing that is v.4.19.191, no updates for LS100 available.

OS: Windows 11 Latest (clean installed a month ago).

Samsung CHG70 -> 27", 2560x1440px 144Hz FreeSync Premium On. (Monitor driver also installed).


Thanks in advance

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