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K100 audio mute indicator, and void elite problem.

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First off the k100 audio mute indicator light stays lit for ~5 seconds after which it slowly fades out after pressing the button to unmute. This keyboard is only about a week old and is starting to show odd behavior already.

Then the void usb elite is having problems with equalizer presets not working, they all keep the same audio effects, being the flat default eq curve.

Yes this happens under windows 11 which tends to interfere with everything it shouldn't.

Any way known to fix this odd behaviors ? (aside from uninstalling and reinstalling again plz)

The next odd thing is when i ddu my graphics cards drivers iCue can't run complaining about missing opencl 2.0....

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Does this opencl complaint mean i'd better reinstall iCue with every graphics driver update just for good measure?

So if one manufacturer changes a driver it might mess up everything else installed in our used OS ?

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ok, the void eq problems tend to resolve by having the headset redetected or a simple reboot.

i'm guessing but it seems that other brands usb devices software have a tendency to interfere with that of other brands.

competition is good , but not in this way of course. Windows 11 isn't making it any better on top of that.

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