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icue 4.19.191 killed my KB K70

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So I updated yesterday to icue 4.19.191 and it has killed my KB and headset HS45.


Keyboard is not recognised at all by the software, it is lit up all red but loading my profiles doesnt work as it cant see my KB.

I have to say this software is very buggy, very slow and pretty rubbish, I may only buy hardware such as ram  and SSD from now on as it shouldnt need crappy software to run it.

Please can you tell us if this is being looked at as I bought this to be able to config individual key colours, chose corsair as I have used Corsair for many years but now wondering if I should have brought a razor or something else, I also downgraded to the version before but that has not fixed the issue.


@ Corsair support, Please can you see if this is being looked at, seriously considering sending it back.

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On 1/14/2022 at 9:17 AM, Nick1974 said:

Ok so after much rebooting uninstalling - reinstalling and deleting folders and reg entries this is now working again.

Could you tell me what folders and reg entries you deleted please? 

I've been having this problem too and it's pretty irritating. 

Thank you

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