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iCUE not automatic profile switch


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Lately I've noticed that when I return to desktop from any game that uses a different lighting and/or fan profile than default, iCUE doesn't switch back to default profile anymore.
Profile that has been set to start when game launches stays on after game is closed.
What can cause this?
Tried to update iCUE and repair install.
How can I backup my lighting and fan profiles if I need to do full uninstall and re-install?


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I have ran into this several times and what I have found is that the mouse isn't always recognized by iCUE. If your mouse is plugged in then it should show the mouse and it's setup options to the right of the profile selection. I've had to unplug and replug a couple times to get it to show up. I'm not sure what causes this, but it is something to check and see if it's your problem or not.

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The last iCUE update broke this for me as well. The only way I can change profiles at the moment is by manually clicking them in the iCUE software window. 

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