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iCUE 4.19.191 for macOS High CPU

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I just installed iCUE on my 2019 MacBook Pro running macOS Monterey 12.1 and with my K95 Platinum and Nightsword plugged in. As long as a device is connected, iCUE will spike to over 80% CPU usage and never go back down. My machine constantly sounds like it's going to take off, and an iCUE runs super slow as a result. If no device is plugged in, it will sit in the teens in terms of CPU usage which still seems very high. Restarting does nothing to help, as soon as the machine boots iCUE will start up as well and start eating up CPU resources.

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 9.38.01 PM.png

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While it's not that high, I too consistently see iCue using anywhere from 30 - 40% CPU with Corsair Polaris MM800 mouse pad, Glaive Pro mouse and Strafe MK.2 keyboard plugged in.  FWIW, I am running iCue 4.19.191 on Monterey 12.1 as well on an M1 MacBook Pro.

Not sure if you see this but iCue often times gets in to a state of Not Responding at which point I have to do a Force Quit and then restart it.  After restarting, the devices do show up eventually but it takes over a minute before they show up.


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