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Half of LL120 RGB Working Incorrectly

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Hello, I've recently run into some problems with one of my LL120 fans. My PC sat on my desk for about a month, unused, while I was away. When I came back home and powered it on, one of my fans had stopped working correctly. The central LEDs seem to all work correctly, but the majority of the LEDs around the outside of the fan do not work. Sometimes they shine one solid color, but do not shine the same color as the other fans and does not ever change, even if the other fans are shifting through colors. I have narrowed the problem down to this exact fan with relatively high certainty. I have tested this fan by itself, with one other LL120, and with six total LL120s, all in different orders. When this fan has any fan behind it in the fan hub, they following fans do not work at all. When this fan is at the end of the fans (say, in slot #6 when six fans are plugged in), they all work but this one does not. When it is alone it does not work properly. I have tested the fans with three different lighting node pros (running different firmwares), two different cables connecting the fan hub to the LNP, two different fan hubs, and two different computers, one running a fresh install of iCUE with zero other RGB control software on it, and my PC, both with an old version of iCUE and other RGB software and nothing but a new version of iCUE. Despite all these different tests, the fan consistently does not work properly. Interestingly, the fan always operated like my GIF shows until I updated my motherboard's bios. When I did that, sometimes it shows the wrong color in the LEDs that are off in the GIF I have attached, like I described above. Any other troubleshooting steps to recommend? This fan is out of Corsair's warranty, so, failing any software suggestions, any suggestions on ways to go about physically repairing the device? Thank you.


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