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RAM alternative for IBM ThinkCentre A50p (8432-97U)


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We are looking to upgrade 20 IBM A50p's with 1GB of RAM and found an excellent price on the following Corsair memory:




However, your RAM "configurator" only lists the following 512 MB option:




Two questions:


1) Will the Value Select memory work? Along with the excellent price comes a 15% restocking fee if it doesn't work... that's why I have posted this question.


2) In general, will using 400 MHz RAM in a system that only supports up to 333 MHz RAM work - and work as well as 333 MHz RAM?


Sorry for the stupid questions, but I would really appreciate your input.



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I'd wait for official word from RAM GUY but I think it "should" work. However, it will depend mainly on the IBM bios and it's ability to interpret the SPD on RAM rated above the stock speed of the system.


If it was my upgrade, I'd order a single stick of the RAM you listed above. Then, you can test it in all the systems. If they like the RAM, order away. If it won't work, then you'll only be out the 15% fee on 1 stick, not 20+.


Good luck, Mike.

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  • Corsair Employees

According to our Memory Configurator the correct part# would be CMSS1GB-333. However, if you remove the modules you have installed now and replace them you can use the Value Select part # VS1GBkit333.

And I would not suggest installing DDR400 in any OEM system unless DDR400 is supported by said system or it may not post.

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Thank you for your quick response!


Your idea to buy one and test it is a good one. Unfortunately, the great price we have found is a "today only" sale price so we are limited on time.


Your feedback is much appreciated!

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Ram Guy,


Thanks for your input! I much appreciate your conservative perspective on OEM systems.


After recovering from a mental lapse, I realized that the one reason we were considering Corsair memory at work is that I use it in my systems at home... and I just happened to have two VS512MB400 DIMM's at home. After extensive testing in the A50p's (memtest, os/app installs, etc.) everything appears to work perfectly, so we placed the order.


Many thanks to Mike and Ram Guy for your help!

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That's good news as I suspect you saved some money based on that 1 day sale price you were hoping to get. Also, I made a bone headed reply to another post yesterday and RAM GUY corrected me. So, does this mean I win this round :confused:



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