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h100i issues

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So basically randomly for what seems no reason my pump stops working. It's clearly an icue issue because it has happened twice now and restarting icue fixes it. I noticed my fps drop in game to single digits, looked over at the computer and everything seemed fine, all fans and rgb where running with no issues. as I was feeling for air flow I noticed the top of my case where the rad is mounted was hot to the touch. I have a k95 with nexus attached, I scrolled over to the section for the aio that shows temp and it was blank and said 0 rpm. I of course thought the pump failed. however after shutting down, cooling off and rebooting for some testing it was all working 100%. I shrugged it off as some weird glitch. Then it happened again a few days later except this time icue reacted and ramped up all fans. instead of shutting down I just force closed icue and restarted it which solved it. All firmware is up to date as well as icue. also not sure if it is related or a completely separate issue, when booting, once your in windows and icue turns on for the first time, I noticed the rgb effects on the pump are super fast, faster than I can even set them. this is not every time and seems completely random, but only the pumps rgb is effected by this, this is also corrected with restarting icue. I have no issues with any of the fans, led strips or peripherals, except if the computer is left on over night the nexus seems to lag or freeze, which is also corrected by restarting icue. however that has not happened in quite some time I think that was patched. Has anyone else experienced this? should I be worried? usually ppl ask what hardware so ill list that here....5 ll120 fans including the 2 on the rad, 4 corsair led strips, h100i rgb platinum se, obviously all connected to a commander pro, k95 rgb platinum xt keyboard with nexus, scimitar elite mouse, mm800c mouse pad and virtuoso rgb wireless with a st100 rgb stand

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