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PC Case tripping my PSU?

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Hi Everyone, I recently brought the White Corsair 5000D Airflow Mid Tower (beautiful case) and the EVGA 850W GA PSU and it seems the PSU is tripping when installed in my new 5000D PC Case. It works outside the case but not when installed. Has this case had any grounding issues with other PSUs before or should I be looking at a grounding issue with the PSU?

The PC does not boot, just clicks and trips. The Mobo, Ram, GPU etc all light up. Before concluding the case may be the issue, we did disconnect part by part, starting with the drives. Still tripped. Checked all the cables.  The PSU bay looks well painted? So, Thoughts on the grounding issue being case and or PSU?

Rig is running with:

Asus Prime Z390-A

Intel i59600kf

Gigabyte 1080Ti

Corsair Hydro H100

2x DDR4 Ram, M.2, SSD and. HD drive

Corsair 120mm RGB/ 140mm fans


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are you using the cables that came with the PSU or others?

Look if you did not pinch any cables when closing panels or routing cables. some cables are really thin and can be easily stripped/grounded.


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Only ever the cables that came with the PSU, also all in correct. After checking the PSU outside the case, spent an hour with cable management to finish off the build saw no obvious damage to any of the cables. Checked cables again after PSU was tripping too. 

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Your PSU is getting too hot and tripping. That's why it works outside the case. Need to check air flow of the case. If not case air flow then its the PSU not cooling enough. This can be caused by fan curve software if it has it not working, thermistor not working or a bad solder on a capacitor. Many AX1200i power supplies have the same issues.

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My PC was not even turning on at all, it tripped immediately. I have the corsair airflow 5000D case with about 10 fans so the case is good for thermals. I ended up returning the  EVGA PSU and getting an ASUS ROG 850w PSU, install it and bam she works a dream. good thermals and no trips so looks like the case wasn't the issue just the PSU.

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