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Value Select Stick Fails memtest

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Hey, I think I have a bad module.


I have a ValueSelect 1 gig memory module kit (two 512meg DDR 400 sticks). Turns out that after installing em I kept getting random blue screens and crashes. I thought I would run Memtest86+ 1.55 on em to see if the new ram was the source of the problem. In dual channel mode many errors were reported so I put in the sticks one at a time to test them individually. Well one of the two sticks reports heck of alot of errors when memtest is run on it. The other stick on the other hand is rock solid (I have been running memtest on it for about 2 hours without a single error). Can I RMA the bad stick or what should I do?





Memory stick sticker info:




Running on a Asus A78 with default bios configuration. (all memory configuration set to auto)

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