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Please Help...8 Fan setup (mixed fans)

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Greeting and Happy New Year. I have an issue and would greatly appreciate some help. Here's the break-down.

Crystal 680x case

1. I have 3 LL120 RGB fans in the front and 1 in the back

2. The Cappelix H100i has 2 ML120 RGB fans

3. LED strips plugged into Node Pro channel 1

All the fan cables are plugged into a Commander Core. Through ICue everything shows up and is manageable.


Now for the issue...I have 2 SP140 Elite fans that I want to install on the bottom and connect. What do I need to connect and how to connect?

Currently on hand I have a Commander Core Pro, 2 RGB hubs and 1 Node Pro.


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It depends on how you want to divide you fans.  At 8, you need two controllers and these will act like separate lighting groups.  So if it is important for you to be able to run a moving effect from the front panel, across the top, and then to the back fan, make sure you keep the LL 1-2-3 and ML-Elite radiator 4-5, and rear fan 6 on the Commander Core RGB side.  Then the new SP-Elite will go with a RGB Lighting Hub for 5v power and connect to Ch 2 on the Lighting Node Pro you are using for strips.


That is not the only choice and another viable option would be LL fans + strips on the LNPro, while the new SP-Elite, top + rear fans for the "interior lighting group".  This allows you to run all the cool ring effects on the front LL120 and then use all the 8 LED center hub fans as interior lighting.


Whichever you choose, you need to divide the fans up into 2 groups.  Fans that use Pro controllers like the Lighting Node Pro need a RGB Lighting Hub for fan lighting power.  Also note that the Commander Core uses an auto-detect protocol to sense your LED count.  Other controllers don't do that.  You will need to tell the LNP what you connect in channel 2 (LL x 3, 8 LED fan x 2, etc).  

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Thanks for the help. Following your instructions I've connected all fans to the commander core with exception of the SP fans. They've been connected to the RGB hub and the three pin connector wire plugged into the LNP. Are the channels specific? I've tried making channel 1 the SP fan and channel 2 the LED strip but only one of my SP fans lights up and it's only white when it does. The other fan stays unlit. I've tried switching the three pin wires. Is there something I'm missing? I have two RGB hubs. One that has a USB cable and a SATA connector for power and the other one is simply SATA power.

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@TJRomero_37 Make sure you set the LNP Lighting Set-up to "8 LED fan series" not SP-RGB.  That is a different fan with only 4 LEDs and an odd duck to boot.


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