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Different hardware lightning behavior with and without iCue

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I have a Dark Core RGB Pro mouse (firmware version 5.0.41) on which I configure a hardware lightning (I precise I need hardware lightning because I want it stored in the mouse internal memory slots in order to be used on other computers where iCue is not installed). I am using iCue 4.19.191.

I have defined a 5 layers hardware lightning like below:

  • Rain on Scroll/Lateral effect 1/Lateral effect 2
  • Rain on Lateral effect 3
  • Rain on Lateral effect 4
  • Rain on Logo
  • Static color on Logo/Lateral effect 5/Lateral effect 6

With iCue running, this scheme works as defined and is very beautiful. As soon as I close iCue software and switch on the hardware-defined profile, it doesn't work anymore: the static color layer is fine but the rains are all mixed in the Logo and appear nowhere else. I tried several combinations by switching layer visibility:

  • Layer 1 (rain) only --> it works perfectly with and without iCue
  • Layer 1 (rain) + layer 5 (static color) --> it works perfectly with and without iCue
  • Layer 1 (rain) + layer 2 (rain) --> it doesn't work anymore, both rains are mixed in the lateral effects 1, 2 and 3 and nothing appears on the scroll anymore

It seems that there is a bug in the hardware lightning storage with multiple rain effects combinations. Did anyone else experience this or have an idea on how to have the same behavior with multiple rains even without iCue ?


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You have far more options when running the software, including near unlimited lighting layers or conditional effects.  When you are in HW mode those thing must be save to the device and there will be both a storage and processing limit.  Newer devices will have more memory and have a larger pool of effects to choose from, but there still are limits.  CUE used to be quite clear in what those limits could be (1 preset or 5 static colors), but that messaging has dropped off.  Regardless, there are still limits and I doubt you will be able to use any 2 presets in any combination when running from the device.  The Dark Core has better storage and choices than most of the other mice, but I suspect the rule is going to 1 preset + some number of static colors as a limit.  


When you are setting up the hardware lighting and it shows you a preview, it's generating the software version of the effect using full system resources.  It is not necessarily what you will see when quit CUE and drop into HW mode.  This is especially evident with different lighting effects for the various fans.  Something like rainbow wave will have a drastically different appearance in its HW form than what you are expecting.  This has been brought up on numerous occasions, but I would not expect a change there.  

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