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Color Profile Key - How do I set & edit?

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Hi Y'all. Just upgraded my pc with a ton of Corsair products, and am really enjoying the new iCUE and lighting options that come along with the new build. On the old version, I was able to set a profile indicator color on my Strafe RGB MK.2 color profile button (shown in attachment), such as transparent for my all-transparent profile, blue for my rocket league profile, etc...

How can I do this in the new iCUE? Understandably, any Google search containing the keywords "iCUE", "Color Profile", "Keyboard", and "Profile Color" in any combination is only yielding in-software profile icon advice. 

Thanks for any help!

Strafe Profile Button.PNG

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Varies by keyboard model. Some allow you to set that button from the normal light effects tab UI. Others tuck that choice away in the “performance” setting, along with the WinLock and brightness LEDs. 

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