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icue v4 - AX1600i not being detected

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icue v4 (4.19.191) - AX1600i not being detected

Surely this psu is supported?

It works fine under v3

I notice the light on the psu under the previous version was amber, which means the link is working (who ever decided amber was a good color to use for a link working is anyone's guess). The light now is green which under the v3 software meant there was no link established

What can I do to have icue detect my psu like it used to ?

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The problem is the software does not detect the PSU, so there is no icon (PSU devices) to add

All my other components exists and were added automatically on install:
Motherboard (Asus),
GPU (Asus),
Ram (Corsair),
Cooler (Corsir H100i AIO),
Case (Corsair),
CPU (AMD Threadripper),
Controller (Commander pro Corsair)


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