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Where to find old Firmware for example for Corsair Dark Core Pro RGB SE?

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I'm normally using the 3rd Versions of iCUE like 3.38.61. Today I tried iCUE 4 and updated there all my Firmware. I really didn't liked iCUE 4, because i had many many problems with it and all in all I didn't liked iCUE 4 for several reasons, so I uninstalled it and installed iCUE 3 again, but my Mouse did not show up on the Dashboard, or anywhere else, like if it wouldn't be connected to my system. After reading some other Blogs, I'm pretty sure that the reason, why it doesn't show up in iCUE 3, is because of the firmware. That wouldn't be a Problem, if I could find somewhere an older Firmware, but...I can't find anything. If I search it up, there are only Sites, that explain how to update the firmware, but not where I can find it.

Is here anyone who maybe knows, where I can find older Firmwareversions?

Thanks in advance!

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