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iCUE vs Stream Deck profile cycling?

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I treated myself to a shiny new Stream Deck Mk.2 last week.
For some strange reason, I thought that it would be easy to get it controlling iCUE for me - to do one simple thing - cycle through my iCUE profiles.
I've stuck with iCUE v3 for a long time now. I've nothing attached that demands v4 and well, I just don't like v4 very much. Nevertheless...

Unpack the SD, download & install the latest software (v5.1.4.14753).
Corsair have an iCUE plugin, great.
Install that and am greeted with "You need to update iCUE"
Bummer, well guess I'd better start learning my way around v4. Download v4.19.191, install, configure cycles and reassign the "media next" key on my k70 to switch, then reboot just to be sure and am greeted with SD plugin "There are no actions in your Actions Library"

Nosing around v4, I cant even find the Actions Library any more.  It appears to have been replaced with "Assignments Library"?  Why does the SD plugin not see my profile cycle?

From what I understand, it looks like older versions of the plugin DO interact with iCUE v3.  Any chance of simply getting access to those?

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