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K95 RGB Platinum iCUE 4.19.191 Macro Key Issues

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Hello, I've been having a recurring issue where my macro keys cannot be set to trigger specific hotkeys. Macro keys can launch applications but triggering Macros or Keystrokes hasn't been working at all for me. I've tried rolling back iCue prior to 4.18.209 to no avail and I can confirm the manual hotkeys do work, it's just that macro keys don't trigger the macro action, no matter what I do. For reference, the hotkeys I'm trying to do are Alt-Ctrl-Shift plus F5 to F8.

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I'm having similar issues with my K100. I can do text and application assignments to the G-keys, however if I try to do a remap action (macro, keystroke or mouse key bind) they do not work. Running iCue version 4.19.191. Had no issue before the software update. Already ran through both of the following support articles:

Going through a full reinstall after completely removing the software did not change anything.

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