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Confused… Help with K70 on xbox One.


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Forgive me if Im totally misunderstanding the whole gaming connection thing, Im an older iMac user, never gamed, (other than many moons ago on a ps1)

My son (11 yrs old) has an Xbox one, he plays Roblox, Forza etc, because he couldn't use chat facility on xbox with controller, he had been asking for a gaming PC. Funds didn't quite add up this year, so we took the decision to buy him a key board (the K70), gaming mouse and headphones to use with my iMac until he can save for the gaming PC, which they can then be used on. 

As the K70 stated its compatible with Xbox, I (possibly mistakenly) thought that it would enable him to use the keyboard for gaming on his Xbox too? Either instead of the controller, or as well as, however, we have connected both cables into the back of the console, added the mouse on the pass through thingy, but all that happens is the keyboard flashes with the light show but won't actually "do anything" 

Am I way off course in my thinking?

We havent lost anything as its his birthday in June and he's almost halfway to saving enough for the PC, so worst case he'll use it then, but for now, he's using my iMac, and its a pain as I have to keep changing keyboards so I can use my iMac properly?

Any suggestions/advice please?

Apologies also, if Im on the wrong forum, wasn't sure which section I needed? 

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Hi mrsefar,

Keyboards in general are "compatible" with consoles like Xbox or Playstations in the sense they allow you to use typing functions say during navigation or search functions at the console's home screen. But consoles themselves were not originally designed or programmed to allow keyboards to be used during gaming in a way like you would on a PC. At least that's to my knowledge, if there had been updates or changes to consoles and their compatibility with keyboards as of recent, that I would not know and may require further investigating.

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