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Virtuoso XT issues, will work as long as Chrome/Slack doesn’t use the microphone (long post, apologies up front).

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Ok, I work from home. So I need a headset with a good mic. I love these things, but I was wondering if anyone can give me advice.

We use a server that fields calls to us that has to be used through Chrome. So all of the stuff needs to be used through Chrome. But the headset just bogs the website down. It doesn’t detect the headset.

Same with Google Meet. It will eventually connect, but it takes forever. If I disconnect the headset Google Meet and our server loads right up.

The headset works perfectly fine with any other application.

I tried uninstalling ICUE, and the server picked it up, but sound through say YouTube or even testing in the settings just skips and doesn’t work without ICUE.

Would anyone know what may be wrong with my headset and web browsers? It does the same thing with Edge and Firefox. I know it’s a long shot but I like this headset and not sure what else I should do.

I fixed it by uninstalling my USB ports, and got the Generic USB Audio driver. Well, when iCUE updated. it reinstalled the Corsair drivers, and the issues started happening again.

my MOBO is an ASUS B450-F if that matters.  

I don’t want to keep screwing around with my USB ports every time an update comes out. 

my next step is to return, which I don’t want to do as I have a Corsair keyboard and mouse. 

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Bump. Surprised even Corsair hasn’t replied. I did switch to Razer but their new headset (Kraken V3 Pro) is riddled with issues) and I want to give Corsair another shot if I can get this figured out. 

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