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HS75 XB Wireless Audio cutting in and out/ choppy audio

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Hi, just bought this headset last week and received it yesterday, after using it all day yesterday and for a couple of hours today, the audio since I set it up has been very choppy, with the game sound just cutting in and out every couple of seconds. This has been most noticeable in Halo Infinite and strangely a little bit less in Apex Legends. I have updated my Xbox Series X, my Elite 2 controller and updated the firmware of the headset via my PC and the ICUE software (although my Xbox still shows in the Accessories app that the headset is still on Version, and none of these have stopped the problem. Does anyone have a solution for this or any help at all?

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Update: the choppiness seems to stop after using the headset for maybe an hour or two, not sure why it suddenly stops but I shouldn't have to use it for a couple hours first until it stops, what if I only have a play session that's an hour or two? So it's just choppy that whole time I'm on

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