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H150i LCD not detected by Icue

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Hi , just buy a watercooling h150i with the lcd screen , all works fine but after the first reboot my screen have a red triangle or show liquid temp at 0 degree, i have try all sort of fix , check the usb , try to delete icue with the registry etc , i think i dont still have the  firmware anymore so can anyone send me the hex file of the h150i pls ? I think i just need to reinstall it


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I have found a solution on youtube i think the firmware is gone , There is a .hex files on hard disk but i dont have because i have reinstalled windows , so if someone or Corsair can send me the firmware by email for the h150i 

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Flashing the firmware may work because it temporarily disconnects and then reconnects the LCD top and Commander Core.  However, you get the same from doing the power down, PSU off, USB reconnect suggested above.  You don't want to have to flash the firmware on a regular basis.  

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10 minutes ago, Cabochard71 said:

I think it work , just need someone or Corsair for send us the hex file for the 150i lcd 

My pump and fan’s work , just the screen dont so  i think i just need the Hex file for the lcd ,  i’m sure someone on this forum have no problems and the files on his pc , it should be here 


When i will have the file , we can make a post with all Hex files for différent aio because the h100i dont work for me 😕

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Have an H150i Elite LCD sitting on 12900k with an Asus Z690 Strix-E motherboard and 32GB of DDR5 RAM. However I have the same issue with the red '!' in a triangle on the cooler LCD panel. If any kind soul has the HEX file that will allow me to manually flash the firmware please pass it on.


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Corsair need to sort this **** out.
I'm on my second cooler from them. The first one was the iCUE H100i Elite LCD that got the red triangle of death.
I had it upgraded in my local computer store, where I got the H150i Elite LCD instead of changing to another H100i.
Now my H150i shows the red triangle of death and this happened just after the latest Windows update.
Being naive as I am, I thought the latest firmware update for iCUE could fix it. Big NOPE!
This thing is so effin' annoying, and I can't really tell who's at fault here. Microsoft with their Windows 11 upgrade bricking my cooler, or Corsair for not sorting this thing out by giving us an official guidance in situations like this. Right now, I'm leaning towards to return Corsair and buy the Asus Rog cooler instead.

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I have just started having this issue.  last night, got the AiO, installed it without issue.  Was extra on making sure nothing was loose, damaged, or vulnerable to damage or being pulled out.  Fans and RGB worked fine.

This morning, I booted the machine and all red flashing.  HWinfo64 shows the fans running at 2600+ rpm and the temps are fine.

iCue says the pump is not working.  However the CPU temp is fine and controlled.


I did have a small period where the PSU was turned off (breaker switch/main switch), but not more than enough time to realize I forgot to flick it on before trying to boot...  Still Red flashing.


I can't find this firmware update everyone is talking about.

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The LCD top beta firmware is here, although I don't think that is going to help with the false pump fail issue.  Also, you won't be able to load it because the pump fail alarm prevents you from accessing any part of the Commander Core's functionality.




This false pump fail thing is vexing.  Take a look at the main Elite LCD series thread and see if there is something you have not tried.


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