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I am getting so fed up with iCue and Asus!

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Every darn time i start my pc up the corsair vengance rgb ram either freezes, lags or resets it's stick placement so the lighting is incorrect. For example mine needs to be 4,2,1,3 but it resets every day to 1,2,3,4.

I have to use task manager to kill icue and the corsair service.

Seriously, i've been a long time product supporter and the icue software has been the only let down. 

There's not even a fix for this apart from the lame 'remove any conflicting rgb software' but it's meant to be compatible with the trash Armourycrate.


Please someone give me advice before i gut my pc out and go back to oldschool non-rgb air cooling. 


Been battling this for days on end i just need to let this anger out

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okay, so i disabled lightingservice and forced a firmware update on the ram and so far so good.


FINGERS CROSSED /unyielding rage

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