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Help! How to clean the XC7 CPU Waterblock?

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For context: I removed all liquids from my custom Loop because I wanted to transport my Computer. When I was filling the loop with my coolant again the coolant couldn't pass the XR5 360 radiator. Somewhere inside the radiator had to be some kind of blockage (Radiator will be replaced). I don't know how this could happen. My custom Loop was running for only 10 months. Nearly every single part of my custom loop had some kind of green or turquoise sedimentations and especially my CPU Waterblock is full of those sedimentations. Even the my opaque White Coolant was a little greenish. In the Attachment is a picture of my CPU Waterblock.
Those are my used Components:

Corsair XC7 RGB Waterblock

Corsair XD5 RGB Pump

Corsair XR5 360mm Radiator

EKWB Classic Line Fittings (Material: Nickel-plated Brass)


XSPC EC6 Coolant Opaque White


Now my questions:

1. What did I mess up? Where did those sedimentations come from?

2. How can I clean my XC7 CPU Waterblock?





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turn it over your see that you have some torx screws that hold the bottom plate in place, id start there... I think there might be some holding the plastic rgb stuff in place as well (was normal philips head on my xc5).

once they are all out you can then pop the bottom off and get to the jet plate and can clean it using a toothbrush or similar.

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sometimes that kind of stuff happens with new gear.. flux residue from the rads. or just coolant breakdown.. can be also due to soft tubing sometimes.

When first starting a loop with fresh new components, it's good to watch the CPU block, the reservoir level line. and change the coolant when it becomes dirty.

We usually say to change it every 6 months to a year, but in the beginning it may need to be changed after a couple of weeks while the dirty stuff leeches in the coolant.

You'll probably not have that residue anymore after you clean the blocks 🙂but have a look, from time to time

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As mentioned above, there are directions online to disassemble and clean.  The XC7 is not a difficult block to take apart and reassemble.  However, if you have one of the earlier versions, watch out for the clear plastic jet plate when you take it apart.  It is very light weight and can simply blow off the table, at which point you will crawling on the floor like you're looking for a contact lens.  The later revised version makes the jet plate part of the support structure and that can't happen.  Putting the jet plate back on the wrong way is one of the few possible points or error.  

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