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Help getting LS100 strips working internally?

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Hello, I was hoping I could get some help. I am attempting to add 2 350mm LS100 strips inside my case but they are not lighting up. I currently have:

3QL120 connected to a lightning node core which is connected to a commander pro via usb.

2ML140 connected to an RGB LED hub which is connected to an LED port on the commander pro.

I connected the two LS100 strips to each other and then to the other LED port on the commander pro but they are not functioning. I have assigned them in iCUE but still no luck. How do I need to hook these up for them to work or what additional piece would I need to buy? Thank you in advance.

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hi. those strips normally have their own external controller.

here they talk about Lighting Node PRO and Commander PRO

have a look here


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hey @Purx have a look also here


this user had a faulty cable

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