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SP120 Elite Fans not spinning

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Hi all, Having a problem with 2x new fans!


I've plugged them into the motherboard fan headers (tested and working with other fans) and made sure the BIOS is set to PMW, they are refusing to spin. I've got the RGB working through the RGB hub that came with the case (Corsair 5000x I believe it is)


My motherboard is a ASUS STRIX B450-F. I've currently got them plugged into a splitter with an older PMW Corsair fan, and that one is working fine. When plugged in separately/on their own, they still do not work.


I'm curious to know whether im going to be pushed to buy the Commander Pro, as I've tried everything I know and just cannot get it to work.


Hopefully someone has some answers! 

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That’s not a common issue and most motherboard will do a 12v start regardless of whether it’s set to PWM or DC. The fans should move at power on. 

You mentioned a splitter with another fan. Three way splitters can be erratic sometimes. What motherboard header did you connect them to?  They are not connected to the PWM hub in back, correct?

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