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trouble w/ 4000x + AIO H150x

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Hi guyz, 

I just finished to setup my new build today in my new 4000x case. 

But, I don't  understand something... In Icue, I can manage :

- ram RGB /keyboard/ headset , that's ok👌

- I also can managed my AIO H150I CAPELLIX (picture of the WaterBlock). But, this "AIO profile" looks  liked to be the hub for managing all my 6 fans (3 already in the case + 3 coming with the AIO). Is it normal?  ( I can check temperature, looking for classic rgb styles,) 

Normally, should I see the commander core in IcueShould I must seen other "devices" of my build, on icue, to manage them? 

What I don't understand is:

When I load an "icue setting profile by corsair" (like cyberpunk, rainbow, Pac-Man... Etc) all  the other devices are runinng it / matching with the selected "Pac-Man corsair profile", but not my fans.. They just go black, without light and colors. 

I have plugged all the fans directly on commander core, (not passing by the hub already installed in the case) it's the reason WHy?


Thanks in advance for your help. Guyz 

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This is normal. When you have that mini 24 pin in the side it changes the Commander Core to “AIO mode” and the UI changes as a result. If you were using the Com Core without the AIO it would have the classic Commander image. In present form the Com Core is both your pump, fan speed, and RGB controller. 

The fans are dark on those profiles because they were authored before the release of the Commander Core. A profile has to be programmed for every Corsair device in order to show lighting for that device. It’s a tedious process. You should be able copy lighting effects from another device to the lighting library, and then back to the pump and fans. Adjust timing and tails as needed.  I am surprised Cyberpunk didn’t work. That was on the newer side and post Commander Core. 

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Thanks for your time and answer mate😊. My bad cyberpunk works, you're right, it's the only one. OK looks logic now. If it was not aio looks like, it will change something in terms of settings? Or it's the same thing another "PIC profile?" 🤔

I rebounce on your attention, to ask you another question, if I want to add 2/3 other fan, in front case but on the other side of the radiator(so inside.. Dah!) , could I still use Com core or there is no other way to switch on a Com pro?

Can you tell me exactly what I will need to add / wHat I will be able to keep... in terms of "extra devices" (like node, rgb Hub, Com pro, splitter...) to control them all and could have ligting scenes? Mandatory for the setup works, nothing overkill 

Thanks for your (I hope) answer again dude 🙌

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Once you go past 6 fans, you will need another controller for RGB and PWM. My suggestion is you get a triple pack 3x120 of whatever fan you are looking for (SP-Elite?  ML-Elite?).  That will have the lighting node core you need for RGB power.  Then I would get an inexpensive PWM hub/repeater.  This takes one PWM header from the Commander Core and supplies that signal for 4-10 fans depending on the size of the one you get.  This will allow you to put PWM controller for the push-pull radiator all on the PWM hub.  No need for individual fan control there and the remaining fans all get their own spot on the Commander Core.  


Then you will need to decide how you want to split up the RGB.  2 controllers means 2 lighting groups.  So do you want the 6 push-pull fans as one group?  Then they all go on the LNCore for RGB and the rest on the Com Core.  Whatever you device, the 9 fans will need to be split into 6+3, 5+4, etc.  

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Thanks for your answer. After your recommandations, I was thinking about doing a 6 / 3, like all inside could doing a scene and outside could be a  different light way. 

Quick question I didn't use  the hub provided with the 4000x case, could I use it as a hub for what you said, or I must-have a node and can't use it for the setup you said? 

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50 minutes ago, Iso100 said:

I didn't use  the hub provided with the 4000x case, could I use it as a hub for what you said,

Yes, that is a Lighting Node Core and I missed you had the X-version.  You can buy triple pack vs 3 singles based on price, but if its close get the triple pack for the extra controller. It may have value later.  

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On 1/7/2022 at 12:40 AM, c-attack said:

Yes, that is a Lighting Node Core and I missed you had the X-version.  You can buy triple pack vs 3 singles based on price, but if its close get the triple pack for the extra controller. It may have value later.  


Hey, it's me again,

again thanks for all your answers C-attack and time you took for the C. Community 🙂

- Have you a suggestion between these 2 models of fans (ML 120 RGB (in 4000x) VS SP120 RGB ELITE (in H150i Elite)), which one should I duplicate to go on the radiator? There's a mode better than other one?

- I want to buy  also brandnew QL120 (loving silence and RGB possibilities) does it really matters if fans are not the same on each side of the radiator? Cause buying 3 pack of QL120 is really expensive in one shot... So if i begin by buying 2 packs, 6 fans than i will split  with the rgb control, like we said in 6 + 3 it works or components could be in trouble? Obvisously using a pwm splitter than QLmodel will be master and the other slave 

Thanks in advance for your answers 























































































































































































































































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5 hours ago, Iso100 said:

(ML 120 RGB (in 4000x) VS SP120 RGB ELITE (in H150i Elite))

I would take the SP-Elite because it is an 8 LED fan, just like the ML-Elite that comes with the AIO.  These were designed to paired together.  Also, SP-Elites have been on sale for the past month while the older ML-Pro is effectively at end life.  That has sent prices up.


So you are thinking push-pull on the front radiator?  That does get expensive when you do all RGB.  Short answer is yes, you can use different fan types.  The worst case scenario is you have decidedly mismatched fans where you cannot adjust speed for each side separately and this creates drag on one side or the other.  That usually manifests itself as weird high frequency noise.  Not a concern for performance.  I do see why double sided QL would be appealing since you'll be able to see the light rings on both sets from the side.  


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Hi C-attack, time ha come to set-it-up.

For the update: I have :4000x case + 8 QL120 now+ h150i+ lighting node core (x2) + PWM repeater self alimentes . could you told me which one on these 2 setup will be the better one and if I'm right on my config plz?!


- 5 fans push / pull on the front of the case. Sandwiching the radiator for the intake

- Fans for the extract ( 1 back + 2 on top) 


- all fans in the case  will be with the same RGB scene.the case will be connected to the commander core for the rgb control.

- 3 Fans the  in front will be controlling by lighting node. Core


This is what I'm not sure about connecting all the "radiators fans" on the same repeater OR 2 on the commander pro + 3 on PWM repater. Cause it's push / pull I know they have to run in the same rpm


Thanks for your return mate, normally it should be the last time I come back to ask you 🙌🙌😁



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So I chose the 2nd schema. 


 It works, but not perfectly. l ighting node core is always the 1st component beginning a lighting  scene.

So it looks strange because it's doing like this 


What I would like it's like this


I don't know how to change this automatic icue setup 🤔

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Do you mean for Lighting Link effects or Global Scenes (that are also lighting link effects)?  The device sequencing is as follows:

KB -> Mouse -> RGB mouse pad -> Lighting Node Pro -> Lighting Node Core -> Commander Pro -> Commander Core -> RAM -> External Ambient Lighting (LS100, LT100, ST100).


You can't change the device order.  You can change your RGB connections so the rear and top fans are on the LNCore 1-2-3 and the internal front at 4-5 or 1-2 on the Com Core.  Then the outer front fans are on the Com Core RGB side at 1-2-3 (or 3-4-5).  However, that may make creating and managing day to day operations a bit of a mind bender if PWM controls are on one device, but with RGB for another and so on.  There is no issue with putting rear + top on the LNCore.  The decision is whether you want the internal fans 4+5 with them on the LNCore (same lighting group) or on the Com Core as 1-2 so they are in the same group as the front outer three.  As a final wrinkle, the pump and RAM are likely to fire after the front fans on the Com Core.  You may want to verify that with a Lighting Link visor.


Before you go ripping stuff out, I suggest playing around for a while.  Some people have little interest in setting up their lighting and are just fine with letting it run rainbows all day and night.  However, many users are going to get off the more limited lighting link presets fairly soon and start to customize their own lighting on a per device basis.  The only two sequential lighting link effects are Color Wave and visor.  It's pretty tricky and visually unnecessary to track a specific color wave through the system for color wave.  That leaves Visor as the only End Point to End Point sequential effect.  This is a lot of work to set up for visor and has larger consequences for everything else you do.  I recommend most people set up their devices based on specific lighting sections.  To me, it makes the most sense to have all the internal fans on the Commander Core for RGB.  This allows you to quickly set "internal lighting" effects for 1-2-3-4-5 in your above pic, along with the pump.  The RAM can be made to compliment.  That leaves the outer front 1-2-3 on the LNCore which can be set to do it's own thing.  If you did that, you may want the front internal fans as 1-2, then top 3-4, and rear 5 on the Com Core.  That then brings you back to the pump and RAM to finish the sequence.  

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Got it!

Thanks for your help, advice, recommandations and all the time you took for me like for other bobies on this forum. 

Really appreciate, if you need something  about photography / graphism, like in lightroom or photoshop... Just feel free to DM me, i will take all the time needed to help you.


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