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Did I miss the obvious? XC7Pro + Commander Core XT

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Have a Gigabyte Z690 Aorus, a Commander Core XT, XD3 Pump/Res combo, and a XC7 CPU water block. My question is, if anyone can help. Where does the fan for the XD3 Pump connect? It seems if I don't connect it directly to my MB (fan / pump header) I can't boot. I know on the commander pro there is a specified fan port it needs to go in to. Something I read lead me to believe it can go anywhere on the commander core XT. However my system will not boot just using the commander core and connecting the pump directly to it. Did I miss a step as far as connecting the commander core to my MB? The only connection I'm aware that needed to be done is the USB header and SATA power. I've read nothing that says you can't connect the pump to the commander and that you must connect directly to the MB.


Current setup,

1. XC7 CPU Block

  • RGB daisy chained to XD3 Pump

2. XD3 Pump

  • RBG connected to RGB on Core XT
  • fan connected to Core XT Fan Port 6
  • temperature monitor connected to Core XT Temp 1
  • pump power connected via molex on PSU

3. Commander Core XT

  • USB connected to Gigabyte Z690 USB header
  • SATA power connected to PSU


Appreciate any help.


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it can connect to any port on the commander pro or core XT. you have to use port 6 only if you want to use the (super crappy) hydro X assistant.

If you mean you can't boot because the motherboard beeps, just bypass that. it's a safety warning for when you forget to plug a CPU cooler. You can disable the CPU fan alarm in BIOS.

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The motherboard does not want you booting up without a cooler in place. This a old style warning system when we all used air coolers and a fan on CPU fan. Still has some value with AIOs and it will stop you when the pump doesn’t talk back.  You’re not going to use this with custom water cooling and you definitely want the XD3 on the Commander so you can change pump speeds as needed. 

The method to disable the cpu fan boot protection varies by motherboard. Search for it with Gigabyte to pin down the BIOS setting location. 

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