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Fans always spin around 1700rpm in ICUE

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I know this topic came up a few times but I now have read propably every article/post about it.

AIO: Corsair H100i Platinum v1.01.15 

ICUE version: 4.18.209.

I made a curve for ICUE once when I recieved the AIO 2 years ago and than basically never touched it but sometimes the fans (stock) just stay at 1700rpm.

The problem usually resolves itself but it's been like this for a whole day now. 

I haven't changed anything in bios aswell.

Restarting did nothing reinstalling did nothing and forcing an update didn't work the only thing that happend while doing that is that fans kept spinning at full speed 2000+ while the pump did nothing and the pc started lagging because the CPU (9600k) reached 100 C, so I shut it down. 

If anyone has an idea, i'd be really grateful

thanks alot in advance



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If the forced firmware update did not work, then it’s time to contact Corsair Support. The Platinum’s fan controller has a tendency to lock out at maximum, often just one fan. For most people this is a one off event. If this happens frequently, the fans get locked at different speeds, or it won’t respond to forced firmware update, then something else is going on. None of your bios options can make the cooler do this. 

Before you make the ticket, there are two things you can verify. 

1) Make sure you’re not running HWiNFO, AIDA, or other monitoring programs that poll the H115i Plat. Locking up the fans and garbage data are near certain results. 


2) Try a full shutdown, PSU switch off, then disconnect and reconnect the radiator fan PWM on the pump splitter. Power back up after that. Sometimes this can be nothing more than bad pin connection, but that typically would affect 1 fan (the fan channels are independent) and also the failed firmware update has me worried something else is wrong. 


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Thank you for responding c-attack, I've easily read 50 of your comments about this topic and first of all I want to thank you for how active and supportive you are!

I will contact the support and issue a ticket but the AIO is out of warranty, will they still help me/replace it or will I have to pay for it? 

Tbh, I would do it either way as long as it wont cost 50+€ lmao. 

I have HWiNFO and I did what you posted on the other forums, I deinstalled HWiNFO and restarted the pc, I've dissasembled the whole pc to see if I "f'd up" 2 years ago and it only now shows but apparently I did everything correct. I even tried another header (an incorrect one) to see if that would help but unfortunately to no effect. 

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You still can use HWiNFO if you tell it to stop monitoring the H115i Platinum (right click the device in the big data window) as well as any other internal Corsair devices like Commander Pros, Com Core/XT, "i" PSUs, etc.  If this were an issue, you would also see stuff like 70,000 rpm pump speeds, 0C coolant, and other impossible values.  


It is very unlikely an original install choice is suddenly manifesting itself now.  Sometimes a fan goes bad and that is much easier to correct, but the stuck/failed firmware attempt suggests something else is the problem.  Corsair Support will try and walk you through solutions, but if you are out of warranty then the replacement options would not involve them.  That said, warranty on the most of the coolers is 5 years.  There are some weird variances in certain countries, but I expect you are still covered.  See if you can find the purchase invoice.  That will be required.  

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Quick update:

It's definetley a hardware defect, when I "reroute" the fans into a commander pro which I borrowed from a friend of mine everything works. 

Only when I plug the fans bag into the y splitter that comes of the pump I the error occurs. 

Will send the AIO back as soon as my replacement air cooler arrives. 

Again, thanks alot c-attack for your time, effort and insight and generally help.

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