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Corsair iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT Firmware update fail

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Hi all!

 Today iCue suggested a firmware update for me, and now my AIO is dead: FANs at full RPM, no RGB and iCue no longer recognize AIO.

 Have tried many things and no luck, changed USB port, restarted service and so on :,c

I recently read other forums in which they talk about the same topic :c and from what I could see, everyone was able to solve the problem with the hex file of the iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT so I was wondering if you could help me by sharing that file, since the link From mediafire that I enter it says that the file has been deleted, please can you share that file with me to solve my problem since I cannot find the hex file on my computer: c I will be very grateful in advance

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Definitely a firmware issue that still needs resolution. I ripped out iCUE 4 and installed iCUE 3 and was then able to manage my H150i. Uninstalled iCUE 3 and reinstalled iCUE 4 and right back to the H150i being the only thing I cant manage due to the firmware update failure. Corsair needs to address this. I'm on a band new out of the box build with NOTHING but Win 11, iCUE and basic MSI MB drivers installed.

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