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Installing LS100 strips inside PC Case?

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I wanted to install some RGB strips in my Corsair 5000D case and decided to go with LS100 strips 450mm: 


I got a Corsair CPU XC7 and GPU XG7 blocks with RGB header connected to a RGB channels  in commander pro. 

So I daisy chained both RGB strips headers and daisy chained that with the GPU and plugged them into one of the RGB channels in commander pro. GPU RGB lit, but the strips didn't. 

I disconnected the GPU RGB and plugged in the RGB header for the strips in the commander pro. Still didn't work. I tried choosing different modes within iCUE such as selecting 6 strips and so on; still nothing.

How would I manage to make the strips work? do I need to connect them to a separate controller and then connect them to the commander pro? is it not getting enough power (daisy chained or separate)?

Any help would be appreciated.

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