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VOID PRO WIRELESS functions as VOID WIRELESS after firmware update

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Hello, I have a VOID PRO WIRELESS headset that has been working great since 2017. I recently got it into boot loader mode (based on this article..https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042183231-Exit-the-Void-Pro-s-bootloader-mode).

The solution was to attach it wired and do a force firmware update in iCUE.

Good news, that saved it!  It was back.. BUT It shows as a VOID WIRELESS (not PRO) now!



This is mostly fine and the headset still operates but some features are wrong or don't work.

1. the flip up/down to mute/unmute no longer functions (however the mute button still works)

2. the mute LED seems to be out of phase with the mute button, sometimes pulsing sometimes on sometimes off. (this is bad!)

Furthermore, the device pictured has yellow highlights and no longer looks like my device.

Any firmware update I do now just reloads the same firmware over again and the device is stuck as a VOID WIRELESS.

I am pretty sure the prior firmware on my VOID PRO WIRELESS was v.0.15.

Any other VOID PRO WIRELESS users out can tell me what firmware version they have.. (Dont update or you might be in my boat!)

The USB VID/PID (VendorID/ProductID) for my headset shows up as

VID=1B1C, PID=1B23

Anybody else with a VOID PRO WIRELESS could you tell me what your VID/PID are?

(Device Manager ->(find your headset) Right click->Properties, "Details" tab, "Property" select Hardware Id's



Worst yet, when I updated to iCUE4, my device no longer appears!!

According to supported devices, VOID PRO should still be supported in iCUE4 but VOID (not PRO) is not.

Basically, my VOID PRO WIRELESS has been end-of-lifed prematurely.

I have to roll back to iCUE3 to use it.



I searched the forum for anybody else having similar issue and there is this post (which seems to be the exact same problem)


I created a support ticket as suggested with all these details but the resolution came back that they no longer have the firmware for the VOID PRO WIRELESS!

I know it's a long shot, I just want my old 0.15 firmware back!


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