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Corsair AX1000 issues

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I Recently bought an upgrade from an rm650x to a certified refurbished ax1000. I figured a couple blemishes is not reason to not buy.

AX1000 installed and cabled just fine, but when on after 3min, 3 hours, 4 hours, ie sporadic, the computer just shuts off. It does not self restart.

Power button doesn't function, I have to toggle the PSU at the back to get the computer to restart.

Ive swapped the rm650x back in for now. 

I will begin my troubleshooting:

Test cables:

Ax1000 with rm650x cables to test for the ax1000 cabling being faulty, and vice versa rm650x PSU with ax1000 cables.

External factors: wiring in my apartment is suspect but I've had two computers on this circuit running furmark and prime95 for a total of 1400w at least and hasn't been an issue.  But perhaps the fact that I have to toggle the PSU switch to get it to restart is an indicator. I will try moving things off this circuit to separate.

Perhaps the sensitivity of the ax1000 causes it to shut off? What might do this and did. I just waste my money on something nicer that doesn't work








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There should be a short term warranty on that certified refurbished AX1000.  Follow up now.  You could spend a couple weeks trying to pin it down, but if the PSU keeps hard shutting down that is a clear sign there is a problem.  

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Yes that's the plan! If I can isolate the PSU versus the cables I'll try it on my second PC and see if it does the same. If it does I'll RMA it.

I'm most curious if there's the possibility that it's an issue on the input (wall) side like an inrush but there's nothing else on the circuit I can think of to cause such a variation

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My AX1200i does the same thing, Iv'e tracked this back to 2012 PSU's. I bought mine in 2021 and it had been going bad, thought it was my video card at first because this AX1200i can easily run my system. Well it failed most the PSU test on meter. I also have a RM1000i that is dead that was bought in 2017. I'm now using a HX1200. I started the ticket process but nothing yet. If yo can buy or borrow a PSU tester then you'll know. Here is photo of mine testing my AX1200i.

Corsair AX1200i Fail tests.jpg

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