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HS75 XB and firmware updates - Xbox app?


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Hi there,

I recently received the HS75 XB Wireless headset, which is great, but unfortunately I had to borrow a PC from someone to update the firmware.

I do have a Mac and tried to update it using iCUE on there, but the device wouldn’t show up.

I wouldn’t normally expect to have to update a device designed for a gaming console using a Windows only piece of software, especially as the Xbox Series X is capable enough of having a wide variety of apps, including the free (thanks to Corsair) Dolby Access app.

Would it be possible to look into an on-console way of updating the headset? I understand that it isn’t possible to develop the Mac iCUE functionality to allow for this, but as I mentioned already, it seems strange to require another device to update my Xbox-related accessories.

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