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Latest iCue DESTROYED my profiles

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All of the effects on all of my profiles are destroyed after installing the latest iCue!
I have the K100 keyboard, the polaris mousepad, and two lighting node cores with 10 fans and what not connected to them.  
The Lighting Layers for the lighting node cores are GONE on all of my profiles.  On the keyboard and mousepad retained their settings.  
If I reinstall a profile, it works again.
That's all well and good, but I have several hundred and had them organized to my liking.  Reinstalling them ruins all of that.
Any way to fix this?  Thanks!
I truly wish the effects on SignalRGB were as good as iCue... I would love to permanently switch over to that as it supports EVERYTHING I have (GPU, mobo connected rgb strips, HyperX Quadcast S mic, etc).

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Uninstall the current version and then reinstall the version you were using before.  You'll need to give actual versions numbers.  CUE keeps a backup profile tree in the C:/user/(name)/app data (hidden)/roaming/Corsair/CUE back up folder.  The version numbers will be on the folders.  Reinstalling the prior should revert to your previous state.


If you are a profile hoarder (former one myself) I suggest that each time before you update CUE, you make a copy of the Roaming/Corsair folder and stick it in a labeled folder or some other form of organization.  This can be dropped back into place repeatedly when troubleshooting or to revert to earlier states.  However, be warned... eventually you will run into a problem where the profile(s) or tree becomes corrupted and this is a dead end.  You need to make sure you export valuable profiles to a back up location.  Some problems can only be solved by a clean install and historically profile migration is one of the larger issues.  

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Thank you so much!

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