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Will this work? Fan / RGB Wiring Setup!

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I am putting together a new build. I am trying to keep it as simple as possible. I am contemplating using some 2 to 1 Y spliters to use as little hardware as possible. Here is what I'm trying to do. I am using 8 LL120 Fans. 6 of them are case fans and 2 will be on the H100i CAP. ELITE 240 mm AIO..

I have the following just because of things that come packaged with parts if you want to make a recommendation to use any of the available parts.

- 3 Lighting Node Pros

-3 RGB Lighting Hubs

- 1 Commander Pro

- 1 Commander Core


So my simple setup is use the Commander Core that came with the AIO. It controls 6 fans and 6 RGB. I am thinking of using 4 2 to 1 RGB splitters and everything will fit. 2 of the splitters would be used for fan and 2 for rgb. I'm ok with losing individual control. 

Will this work? Any downside? Any other recommendations with the hardware that I already have? I am open to anything .. just trying to keep as simple as possible.





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I think you are probably OK with 8 fans on the PWM (2 PWM splitter).  Make sure you do not use a 3-way (tend to be erratic) and if you need more than 8, I would look at using another controller (Commander Pro) or a smaller PWM hub to offload some of the control.


The RGB side is a bit more complicated.  8 LL at full white may be pushing the 5v draw too far.  Additionally, as you mentioned a RGB splitter will twin the two fan connected, somewhat ruining any moving lighting patterns.  There are several for the LL and those tend to be the more enjoyable presets.  The alternative is to use another RGB controller and this obvious one would be the very small Lighting Node Pro.  However, there is a downside.  2 controllers means two RGB control groups.  You will need to divide the fans between them in a way that makes sense for your lighting purposes.  Whether that is 6+2, 4+4, or 5+3 likely depends on the exact fan location and case layout.  It also means you will need to program or copy the effect for each controller when you set up and design your profiles.  That is an extra step.  Some people are happy to have the precise control.  Others leave it on rainbow wave all the time anyway and see it as an annoyance.  

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