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HS45 Muted microphone but sound is coming in

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I recently purchased an HS45, and while I am pleased with the quality of these headphones, I did encounter a small problem.

While I was on Discord with a friend, I muted my microphone via the built-in button on the headset. He couldn't hear my voice (even when blowing on the mic), however, he could hear the music coming into my headset.

I tried to record a voice clip with the Windows 10 Dictaphone, and the result was the same: when I mute the mic, you can still hear the sound coming from the headset.

I should point out that the stereo mix is disabled, and that in the sound settings of the Windows control panel, the microphone does not seem to be activated when I listen to music (the bars do not turn green), even though the dictaphone records the music (even with the volume at 100%).

Thanks in advance for your help.


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