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Light changes on key press


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Hi, I'm using icue on a Lenovo Legion 7 and I'm wondering if there is a way to make the keyboard change light upon keypres.

And I mean this exactly: set the keyboard to one fixed color and, when I press a key, have the color shift momentarily to another preset color and then fade back to the default fixed color for the whole keyboard.


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I think the easiest way to do this is through a superior lighting effect on the top of the entire keyboard.

1) Go to your lighting effects tab for the KB and + to create a new effect.

2) Color shift may be the best choice, but you can easily change it to rainbow wave or something else to experiment.  

3) It should automatically apply to the entire KB, but if not click "ALL".  

4) Make sure the lighting effect is on top off all other effects.  It will be dominant and cover over any existing effects.

5) Go to the lower right corner and change Start and Stop to "on key press" and "on key release".  This creates the necessary mechanic for your key press activation.

6) You can choose between random color or an alternating pair.  This can be done with a single static color as well.  What's trickier to do is a true random change and hold.  You also can create multiple effects and assigning them to specific keys so Numpad changes it orange, F-keys change it to green, etc.  



Screenshot (243).jpg

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