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H100i Platinum SE RGB not available in iCUE after failed update

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Hi everyone,

I have spent at least 12 hours on the itnernet looking over and executing any potential solutions to restore connectivity to my iCUE for my H100i Platinum SE RGB cooler.

This is what happened:

1 - Installed iCUE and updated firmware.

2 - Noticed 'USB' sound disconnecting every now and then (and so did the RGB on the cooler).

3 - Installed USBDeview to confirm it was the H100i disconnecting intermittently.

4 - Forced update of H100i in iCUE which failed.

5 - Restarted computer and now the cooler isn't available in iCUE. It also intermittenly switches RGB color between solid red and rainbow. Also, during startup the rgb is completely off only to turn on midway during startup and then after logging into Windows I always hear the USB disconnecting (once). Of course I can't find the cooler in device manager either.

This is what I have tried:

1 - Confirmed all cables are hooked up properly.

2 - Made changes in HWInfo for Corsair in security tab.

3 - Connected USB from cooler to MB to back of I/O plate instead. Doesn't register.

4 - Tried forcing firmware update in Windows safe mode with both hex files I found (get device not found).

I feel like I am out of options. I registerd a ticket with Corsair support (2004935206) but thought I'd give it a try here as well.

Worth mentioning is that the fans spin correctly (not on max as many with similar problem have been reporting) and the temps are fine. It's just the connectivity to iCUE and the weird fact that even before Windows have booted up, the cooler has weird rgb behavior that then stabilizes once in Windows (with the exception for goign solid red in color every now and then).

Really hoping someone out there can tell me whats going on, did I brick it completely?


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