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Corsair Virtuoso XT is "oh my god!"

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As title,
I really don't like the presets in iCue software on my Virtuoso XT headphones.

I feel that the ones in the Dolby Access app for Windows are way better but I like a more "punchy" preset while maintaining
the audio clear and defined.

This is the equalizer I'm using right now:

and I feel that this headphones is so awesome.

It completely obliterate my Sennheiser RS170 headphones in every aspects.

Sennheiser RS series is very widespread among PC users, I hope that this post will be useful to people
who is asking what to buy between Sennheiser RS and Corsair Virtuoso series.

Get the Virtuoso and don't look back, Virtuoso is completely better.

Congrats Corsair.
Well done.


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