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Commander core, 5000x and iCue issues.

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I have just finished a new build, and have one weird issue. I have 6 sp120 fans (4pin) and 3 ml120 fans (4pin). I have one commander core and one separate lighting/fan power node that comes built in to the 5000x. ICue can and will control all the rgb, and every fan powers on and runs. The issue is that none of the fans respond to any speed control changes, and only actually recognizes the pwm from the 6 fans attached to the capellix commander core. I have tried everything, different programs, switched plugs around 100 different ways, clean installed everything etc. Nothing will allow every fan to be recognized and nothing will allow me to control fan speed. At all. I am at a total loss, and really can't run everything through the mobo. And really wouldn't want to anyways, I paid for iCue parts for a reason lol. Thanks in advance, I appreciate any help. More than happy to upload any helpful photos

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You’ve listed one fan controller — the Commander Core. That’s 6 PWM headers. Where are the other 3?  If you are using the PWM hub in the back, it needs to be connected to one of the Commander Core’s PWM ports to receive a signal. It’s effectively a powered splitter. 

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