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HS75 XB loss of sound

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Few days ago i purchased the HS75 XB and updated it to version 3.0.3. Sometimes though while i am playing on XBOX Series X i lose all sounds from the headset. The headset is still working since i can press the mute button for example and i can hear it beeping. So its not freezed. The white light is on too. Its like it doesn't try to reconnect to xbox. The only solution is to close it and start it again which is annoying for a premium headset like this. Anyone have the same problem? Maybe i am missing something?

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I got the headset yesterday and I'm having my audio cut in and out and just be very choppy overall, is this the same problem for you? I've updated my headset firmware via my PC and the Corsair ICUE software but it hasn't seemed to fix it.

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