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HS60 Pro not working after windows 11 upgrade

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Unfortunately, microsoft has upgraded my computer to windows 11 without my permission. This wouldn't be so bad, except that it has caused my HS60 pro headset to stop working. I can no longer use the headset in a USB port. I can plug it into an aux port, but the audio is quieter, there is no surround sound, and the microphone doesn't work. When plugging the headset into a USB port, windows gives me a message "USB device not recognized". I have tried multiple things already, including plugging the headset into different USB ports, updating the driver for my USB controller, downloading the most recent version of iCUE (headset doesn't appear in the list of devices), and downloading the compatibility version of iCUE (Version 3.38.61) (again headset doesn't appear in the list of devices).

If anyone has had a similar problem or might know what's wrong, help would be appreciated.


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