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H150i pump speed stuck on extreme despite set to quiet in iCUE

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Hi all, I have an H150i Elite Capellix and today I noticed PC was louder than usual. Turns out it is the AIO pump. I checked iCUE and despite it being set to quiet(which was default for me) it is running at full speed, ~2700. I've toggled all the different presets but nothing changed. When I built my PC a few weeks ago I started with version 3, it wasn't showing all of my sensors so I installed 4 and got the sensors.  Everything was fine and I kept the pump speed on quiet(~2200 - ~2400 I believe) as it made a difference in noise but no difference in temperatures.  I have no idea why it is suddenly stuck at max.  Tried restarting service, restarting pc, going back to version 3, and forcing an update on the pump, nothing is working and the whine is quite annoying, especially at night. Any ideas?"

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I got it figured out but will leave this up in case anyone else has a problem.  I decided I was going to do a full power down including disconnecting PSU, and reseat everything.  It worked, and when I reseated the connection from AIO to the controller there was a slight angle to the connection so it is quite possible it's been barely making the connection from the beginning and then finally came loose.  My assumption is if there is no connection to the controller the pump just runs full speed.  

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