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9 Fans total, 2 not working

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Hey guys. Just finished my build and I have 6 fans on my rad but one isn't lighting up. I have switched it between other ports on the commander core that came with it and still nothing. I have attached a different fan that is also the same kind with no effect. I then bought the commander core xt and have 2 sp140 fans and 1 sp120 fan which the 120 isn't working. I have also switched ports on that as well. 

Not sure what else you guys would need for further help but I appreciate anything. Trying to rack my brain to figure this out. TIA!

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No need to be specific about the fan type. Some like the “SP-RGB” won’t be controllable for speed and may not work for RGB with other fan types, whereas the Sp-Elite should work for both. 

Also, the Commander Core/XT controllers use an auto-detect protocol, so when swapping fans around you’ll need to re-run that in CUE in order to create a change. 

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