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SP140 RGB Elite Fans RPM won't change in ICUE.

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I got the 7000X case for christmas and rebuilt my PC from my old Carbide case into it. The 7000x comes with 4 x 140mm Corsair SP140 RGB Elite fans and the Commander Core XT.

I'm trying to create custom curves for my fans to ensure I have positive pressure in the case. I've got the three SP140 fans on the front of the case as intake along with the two LL120 fans on my radiator, and have 1 x SP140 fan on the back as exhuast along with four LL120's from my previous build as exhuast. I'm trying to ensure my curves allow more air coming in then going out at all times seeming as I have 5 fans each for intake and exhaust.

I've managed to set the curves for the two fans on the radiator and the four exhaust fans successfully (well roughly for now), however the four SP140's will not change the RPM no matter how I set them, they just seem to maintain the same 1200 RPM.

The four LL120 exhaust fans are connected to a Commander Pro which I brought across from my old PC.

The four SP140's are connected to the Commander Core XT that came with the case.

Any ideas why I can't get the RPM to change on the SP140's?

ICUE 1.png

ICUE 2.png

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you are asking 5000 rpm.. they can't go that high. their max speed is 1200rpm.

The commander XT is doing what you ask so far : running them as fast as they can go. Try to make a fan curve with their max speed in mind 😉

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Well that makes a lot of sense, thanks for that. Quick google of the tech specs and there it is. I'm fairly new to all of this so never even crossed my mind that they might not be able to do the speeds I'm asking.

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