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Corsair Harpoon Wireless - Terrible piece of garbage

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I have always been anti wireless. It just never made sense to me. Why mess with what works? A reliable connection that never needs recharging and won't let you down.

But, today I decided to give wireless a try. 

My choice was the 'budget' (Where I come from the price is not budget. Take the price, cut it in half then maybe it will be budget) Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless mouse. I was very excited to try it. Wired and wireless? Best of both worlds. Great? 


So I started with the instruction. 'Charge full before first use.' Cool. No problem. Plug it in, indicator light in the middle shining red, must be pretty low power. Let's check the manual. Multipurpose LED indicator

Pulsing green - charging

Pulsing red - critical

Blinking red - recharge soon

blinking green - high

Green - charged


Well, just red is not there. Let's wait a few hours. 

Hmmmm. Still just red - few more hours - still just red.


Well, may as well install iCue 4 (more on that later) and try it.

Dongle in the back of the PC in USB 2 (cause already reported that USB 3 not a good Idea with corsair dongles.) Load up iCue - pair mouse - what's this

'Battery full'

Full? It's still red! Wait.... DPI modes red, green, white.... when clicking the button it changes dpi mode and the colour of the indicator. 

So may as well throw away the manual cause that thing is just full of crap


Let's try it wired first. Pretty good. Okay I guess. Not much better than my other wired mouse that was half the price with the same amount of buttons and dpi.


Let's go to the main event. Wireless!


Hmmmm. This is..... terrible. Works okay... okay.... LAG.... okay... JUMP SKIPPING.... okay .... okay ..... LAG LAG LAG

And this is just on the desktop!


Let's try a FPS.... Looking around... okay.... LAG.... okay. Let's aim down sight. . . . Okay... CAN"T MOVE FOT TWO SECONDS.. okay ... okay ... EVERYTHING FROZEN HOT GARBAGE. Put wire in...... all fine.



USB drivers up to date.

Nvidea up to date

Mouse firmware up to date

Dongle firmware up to date


Google..... wow. LAG is quite the common complaint. TRy fix 1.... 2.....3....4....

NOPE. Nothing helps. Wireless this thing is GARBAGE. Worst mouse I have ever had. 


Now let's talk about ICUE 4

What a pile of hot trash this software is! Resource hungry, useless tat. Cant stop the thing from reading all sensors. using 17% of 32 GBRAM. 7% of a I9 9900k cpu 

Who made this? 


Stay away from this mouse. 

Even if you get it for free, chuck it in the bin. 

You are better off with a wired microsoft mouse than this piece of soft cheese. 


My only hope now is that the store takes this brick back so I can get a Logitech



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The mouse just does not work wireless.

It lags like crazy when just on the desktop.

Gaming is impossible. 


I changed the polling rate from 1000 to 125 - changed nothing. 

I completely removed icue from my pc (because googling shows icue is a resource hungry steamy puke of a program which it is) which helped a few minutes then it just lags again. 

Looking online it seems LAG (amongst other things) is a common issue with this mouse. 


Or should I just return it?


I'm pretty pissed to be honest. 

What's the point of a wireless mouse if it only works when wired?

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