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Hardware lightning not working

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Hello friends,


I am having an issue with my K68 RGB Keyboard and my Harpoon RGB Pro. The color setup for my keyboard/mouse is static white when I login. However, when I window lock my screen (windows key+L), it changes to static green.


I have been searching and searching through countless posts/videos and none seems to work. I have tried everything in the hardware lightning and none is working...


Has someone experienced this issue?

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I second this. the HW lighting on my K68RGB keyboard is stuck on a disgusting flat green... Spent the better part of several hours on this already. I have no conflicting RGB software, have properly set the Hardware lighting on my devices and have saved profile as best as your software allows me to.
Initially I had the same issue with the mouse however saving a DPI profile with HW lighting correctly set solved the mouse issue. Unfortunately you can't save profiles for the K68, the option just isn't there in any of the UI menus.

Disappointing is a mild word for what I feel right now... Though at least your software seems to work for the most part, contrarily to MSi's and Asus' spectacular pieces of **** programs. Still a bit taken aback it doesn't recognize my MSi 3080 Suprim. At a certain price point you'd think the lighting would be taken care of in 2021+...

Anyways, since these posts don't seem to have any relevant/official answers based on all the other ones I've stumbled upon, here's a suggestion :
I think a solution is to re-install an older version of iCue. The one I used to have seemed to handle my keyboard, was v3.4 or something, back before the UI changes

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