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iCUE NEXUS Lighting Link Bug

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Basically it was designed poorly.

Whoever copied the lighting link profiles over to the NEXUS accidentally included 2 of the little info LEDs left of the Corsair icon, so now they keep flashing based on the lighting mode.

Makes the whole lighting mode kind of useless to be honest, because you would have to train yourself to ignore those otherwise kind of important info lights.
What's really bad is, users can't change it.


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That's some type of local glitch and I can't replicate it for any Lighting Link pattern on my K100.  The lock icons to the left/right of the logo should not be part of any lighting effect.  They can be addressed through the Performance tab on some keyboards, but they always should be "natural" white light on the K100.  Try deleting the lighting link and recreating or run a quick repair install from the Windows Apps list.  

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