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Corsiar Capellix and Z590 MOBO

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So I have done everything in my power to get this stupid cooler to work. I finally managed to get it to the 1.6.153 update after diabling RGB on the MOBO. However it still flashes red and RPM is 100% ALL the time. Apparently this has been a thing since 2020. So wheres the patch? Where is the warning "Not compatible with Z5XX series"?  Have you told any of your Pc building conglomerates? Because CyberPower sold me a "working" AIO it just doesnt work with my build. So I think its safe to say it should be filtered out when building a PC with ASUS Z MOBO. But since it hasnt been tells me you havent said a word about it to anyone.

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Do you realize how many other people are using a variety of hardware on Z590 Asus boards?  This is not your issue. 

An AIO that is flashing red and maxes out the fans is not a working AIO. If it’s doing that from the moment you power on before the OS and software loads, there is a hardware problem. If it only starts after CUE loads, you likely have a conflict with another software program. If you are looking for help, we are going to need a bit more detail. If you just want to rant, that’s fine but say so and we’ll leave you alone. 

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