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RGB Fan compatibility

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hey there, I'm building the core of a new system and the fan compatibility is frustrating me.
I bought the Antec DP 502 Flux Dark League case which has 3 illuminated RGP fans and a front RGB accent, and the Corsair iCUE H150i 3-can water cooler.  my first build with a water cooler so I'm trying to be extra careful.  The antec case comes with a small board in the back area for running all the fans, similar to the Commander Core for the H150.  but the fans on the case have RGB connectors that are 4 pin blocks with #3 blanked out.  the commander core uses 4 pin connectors.  Is there a way to make these two systems work together, or am I going to have to buy 3 new fans?


connector issues.jpg

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Corsair uses its own device and connector system.  Other brands with less product typically use the connector type shown above.  That is a 5v Digital RGB connector meant for the motherboard's 5v D-RGB header.  As a general rule, you can't run Brand A's fans on Brand B's controller and vice versa.  


There are 3rd parties that make adapters to convert "motherboard" D-rgb into Corsair D-RGB and vice versa.  You would need 3 and whether that is of benefit to you or simply using the motherboard RGB software is another question.  

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